Faculty 學苑

Chancellor 校監:  Tammy Cheng

Registrar 註冊長:  Jenny Chang

Executive Administrator: Oliver Law

Secretary 秘書: Jenny Chang

Professor 教授: Dr. Ching Lo, B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD

Associate Professor 副教授: Dr. Roy Chan, MD, CCFP, MRCOphth (UK)

Lecturer: James Guo (CV),  Frankei Li,  Chi Nguyen

Professor: Dr. Indar Maharaj

Research Assistant: Omar Ahmed

Executive Assistant to the Chancellor 副校監助理: Alfred Poon

Webmaster: Nelson Cheng

Technical Support 技術長: Tom Duong

Spiritual Consultants

The Most Venerable Grand Master Dr. Shi Dayuan (愿大和尚)

Grand Master Dr. Shi Dayuan is the abbot of over 40 temples in China. The mother temple (Liuzu Temple 六祖寺) is located in 广東省 Guangdong Province, Sihui City 四会市, Zhenshan Mountains 貞山

Website: http://www.hrzh.org/

The Most Venerable Dr. Sumana Siri  

D.Th (Oxford), D.B.S., B.A. (Hons) D.Hom (Med.) (U.K.), N.M.D., D.H.M. (U.S.A.), F.B.I.H. (U.K.) Tripitaka Vagishvaracarya; Chief Sangha Nayaka of the U.K. and Europe appointed by the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Royal philosopher of U.K, Datuk of Malaysia, Glory of India

Website:  www.buddha.sg/htm/people/sumana.htm 


The Most Venerable Pangnasara   

Chief monk of Canada appointed by the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka; abbot, Brampton Buddhist Mission Centre, Ontario

Website: www.buddhistmission.org


The Most Venerable Haiyun Jeming 海雲繼夢祖師    

慈恩宗十四世祖師; 華嚴宗四十二世祖師; 中上 Lakulish 大乘瑜伽行派一世祖師; 臨濟第二十六世碧峰第八世。台灣華嚴宗第一世。世界佛教青年會2010-2012主席。

TsiUn School 14th Patriarch; Huayen School 42 nd Patriarch; Lakulish Chinese Mahayana Yogacara 1st Patriarch; Taiwan Huayen School 1st Patriarch

Website: http://dim.huayenworld.org/huayenworld/index.php/en/

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