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What words do you associate with Buddhism?  Response from Class  PDF

Interview with Dr. Ching Lo  Video

Introductory  Video

1. Critical Learning Skills

        1.1 Speed Learning  PDF  Video

        1.2 Active Listening Skills  PDF  Video

        1.3 Appreciation Skills PDF  Video     

        1.4 Expression Skills PDF  Video

        1.5a Establish collective consciousness  PDF  Video

        1.5b Establish collective consciousness  PDF

2. Mindset

         2.1 Introduction to Mind Set  PDF

         2.2 How to open our mind - Childhood development module  PDF

         2.3 What are Thinking Boxes and how to break through them  PDF 

3. Reality Continuum

         3.1 Macroscopic view  PDF

         3.2 Microscopic view  PDF  

4. Review  PDF 

5. Ego 

         5.1 Definition of Ego  PDF

         5.2 Evolution and Formation of Ego  PDF

         5.3 Inflation and Defence of Ego  PDF

         5.4 Ego Summary  PDF

6. Perception of Reality  PDF

         6.1 Cognitive Science  PDF

         6.2 Overture  PDF

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